It's a suit fitting like no other.


Multiple suit fittings?Not anymore.

The old way of buying custom suits needed an upgrade. So we upgraded it.


Tape measures are old school. So we dumped them. Now, one 30-second body scan is all you'll need.


We use your body scan to print out your 3D double. It captures every little detail that makes you unique. And lets us make all the tweaks we need to ensure your suit fits perfectly.

It’s you, but x2.


Your suit still gets multiple fittings…

You just won't need to be there for them.

Our fitting service is mobile.

Can’t make it to our showroom? No problem. Our fitting service is totally mobile. You can have a complete fitting experience held in your home or office.

In just 45 minutes, you'll get your body scan (our scanner's mobile, too), feel hundreds of fabrics and have the chance to talk everything suiting with your style consultant. The fitting itself is completely free, and at the end there's absolutely no obligation to buy.


Questions? Here are some FAQ's

How much do your suits cost?

Two piece suits start from $1,000. Prices depend on the type of fabrics and customisation options you would like and your consultant will help you choose based on your budget.

Will I be charged for booking a fitting?

No. All of our fittings are complimentary.

Can you do the fitting at my home or office?

You bet we can. Our style consultants are mobile and will happily visit your home or office. Just tell us where is most convenient and we’ll bring the fabrics and scanner your way.

Will I be able to feel the different fabrics you offer?

Of course. We have 1000s of beautiful fabrics that range in texture, pattern and price to choose from. We source our fabrics from mills around the world, including heritage European mills like Drago and Vitale Barberis Canonico.

After the fitting, what happens if I decide I don’t want to go through with buying a suit?

Well then you don’t buy a suit. Simple as that.

How long does the fitting take?

A typical fitting takes about 45 minutes, from start to end.

How long does it take to make the suit?

Our suits take four weeks of careful attention and skill to be constructed around your 3D model. You can discover more about your suit’s full journey here.

Should I bring anything to the fitting?

Good question. If you have any suits that you feel fit particularly well, we’d definitely encourage you to bring them along if it’s convenient. It’ll give our style consultants a good idea of how you like your clothes to fit, which ultimately boils down to personal preference.

If you have any style inspirations, feel free to bring those along as well. Just save them as images on your phone. Then you can discuss the look you’re going for in more depth with your style consultant.

Is the fitting still free even if your style consultant visits me at home or in the office?

Yes indeed. All fittings are complimentary. Even if we come to you. Even if you don’t make a purchase. You have our word.

What is a 3D body scan?

Using no more than a camera lens, our body scanner maps out your physical dimensions with pinpoint accuracy. But it doesn't stop there. Once we've got this scan, we'll feed it into our 3D printer and create a lifelike mannequin of your body. One that captures every grove, slope and bump that affects how a suit will sit, drape and gather on your unique shape. This is what allows us to go beyond a mere body scan – which provides only a 2D representation of your physical measurements – and use cutting-edge 3D-printing technology to ensure a suit that fits right. The first time. It's you, x2.

Is my identity safe when I get scanned?

You bet it is.

Our 3D scanner doesn’t capture any lifelike images of your body or face. Rather, it uses a CGI rendering of your person. The details that make you recognisable are reduced to an unidentifiable meshy figure. Meaning, no actual photos of you are ever stored on our systems at any point during the scanning and printing processes.

What do you do with my scans? What gets stored?

So that we can re-print your 3D double if you make future orders, we save your scan on a secure cloud network. The software is hosted by Amazon, and your scan sits behind an SSL encryption – so even though there’s absolutely nothing in the meshy image that can identify you, it’s super safe nevertheless.

Is the scan safe for my health?

It sure is. To take your measurements, the scanner uses no more than a humble little camera lens. That’s it. It’s no different from having your friend snap a picture of you on his smartphone.

How long does the scan take?

The scan itself takes less than a minute. Giving you more time in the fitting to talk everything style and customisation with your style consultant.

What do I need to wear when I get scanned?

If you’re not comfortable getting scanned in your underwear (keeping in mind you’ll be the only one in the room during the scan), we recommend wearing a tight-fitting t-shirt or singlet as well as tight-fitting shorts. To ensure a perfect-fitting suit, we need your 3D mannequin to be as true to your body as possible. Every slope, angle and bump counts.

Are the 3D printouts environmentally friendly?

Good question. And yes, absolutely. Your 3D double is made from a cornstarch compound that’s 99% biodegradable and 100% reusable. So once your 3D helper has served its purpose, it’ll get crushed down into a little cube and then recycled – all ready to get printed again… and again, and again.


    All our suits are cut and made at the hands of skilled tailors. Nothing can replace the human touch.

    See our process

    We believe in our products. Everything we make comes with a perfect-fit guarantee. No ifs or buts.

    Understand how it works

    We offer free delivery on all Australian orders.

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Their words, not ours.

Customer Reviews



Try it once and you will never go back to off the rack.



I feel confident, comfortable, and happier putting on Tailors Mark gear. It is a little jolt of joy every morning. I don't have to worry about my shirt or suit looking shabby. I am dressed for success.



I always hated shopping for clothes for myself and had never ordered clothes online before, so having assistance from the style consultants early on was fantastic. Now that my account is set up, I simply choose my favourite purchases from my history, choose a colour, pattern or style and have confidence it will arrive in a timely manner. It's a great fit and great quality!



I feel like a million bucks. Buying suits and shirts off the rack generally means you need to compromise sizing, style, etc. Tailors Mark lets you customise the lot which means you can be confident with all elements of the final product.



In a tailored suit/shirt you feel and know that you look as good as can be. There's nothing that makes you as confident as a tailored suit does.



If you're looking for a real suit that’s made to fit you, that'll last as long as you look after it, and will look great regardless of your size, you need to get to Tailors Mark asap.

Find out what your perfect suit looks like.

Remember, your fitting is complimentary and there’s no obligation to buy.

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